Celebrating the food and beauty of the Pacific and Inland Northwest, Lodgepole brings a New American Classic Menu.

With influence from our family's traditions and our personal adventures, we meld classic flavors and techniques with fresh ingredients from our bountiful region.

Photo Credits: Alejandra Maria Photography, Alex Barham Photography, Brooke Fitts Photography

Now Hiring Kitchen and FOH Staff

We are seeking out hard-working and passionate individuals to build a strong core group for our restaurant opening this summer. Lodgepole’s menu is rooted in fresh, quality ingredients and thoughtful preparation of dishes. We are dedicated towards creating a welcoming environment where our team can further knowledge of food, drink, and hospitality.

Ideal applicants for kitchen positions are those with a passion for our region’s bounty, and motivation for growth and honing of culinary skills. Experience in a professional kitchen is recommended, but genuine interest and care for food is most important.

Ideal applicants for front of house positions are those with quality people skills, attention to detail, and strong communication. Experience in restaurants and a knowledge of beer and wine is recommended, but genuine interest and care for food, people, and the hospitality industry is most important.

If interested, please send resume to: employment.moscowlodgepole@gmail.com


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