Celebrating the food and beauty of the Pacific and Inland Northwest, Lodgepole brings a New American Classic Menu.

With influence from our family's traditions and our personal adventures, we meld classic flavors and techniques with fresh ingredients from our bountiful region.

Photo Credits: Alejandra Maria Photography, Alex Barham Photography, Brooke Fitts Photography


Erich David

Climate Change Artist

“My art presents the chaotic, yet organized relationship of climate and its’ impact on our world.  Each piece depicts differing perspectives on how climate change effects our landscapes, oceans, ecology, and culture.”

Visit Erich’s website for more details and purchasing information here!


Madalyn Grace

Oil Paint

Madalyn is a Moscow local who has traveled the world, bringing back her unique experiences to Art Walk and Lodgepole every year since we’ve opened.

“Art is my way of documenting the world. Here, I find my platform to articulate my sensitivity to humanity, inspire creative thought, and advocate against injustice.”

For more details and purchasing information, please call Madalyn at: 917-900-7916


Cesar Jesus



Cesar has been a part of the Lodgepole Family for over 3 years. Whether it’s making new cocktails, performing on stage, or looking behind the camera, Cesar has an aesthetic eye with a creative personality we all have grown to love. His photography captures the everyday and focuses in on the intricacies of our world.

“One frame at a time…”

For more details and purchasing information, please email Cesar at: cesarj.garcia90@gmail.com

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